Atya Patya Federation of India

(Affiliated to the international Atya Patya federation)
Recognised by Dep. of Youth Affairs and Sports, Ministry of Human Resources Development
Govt. of India and Indian Olympic Association, Asian Atya Patya Federation Regd.No./345/82 NAGPUR

Thrilling Game Of India

Atya patya is the thrilling and anciant game of india. Atya patya, one of the Major Games of Indian origin, is very popular particularly in rural areas. In the moonlights the game is played in the villages. Through the game has been played since time immemorial, it was played with different names and improvised and convenient rules accoding to situation. The game was known in different names such as Sur-pati, Lon-pati,Darya-banth, saragari, saramani, tilli, uppinat, uppupatti, choupal pati, panchwati, chikka etc.

In Tamil nadu this game is in old Tamil Literature in the name of KLITHATU. In Tamilnadu this game is played in different name in different part of the state, like kilethatu, thatukodu, thanikodu, uppukodu, uppupattai etc.

The first effort to organise the game was made by Dekkan Gymkhana, pune. They prepared the rules and conducted the matches. Next move was taken by Hind Vijay Gymkhana, Baroda, wich made significant changes in the rules and conducted the tournaments to promote and popularise the game.

But the main efforts for developing this game were made by Akhil maharashtra sharirik shikshan mandal. The mandal conducted the divisional tournaments in which teams from Marathi speaking areas of different states of the country such as Maharashtra, Madhya-pradesh, Gujathi , Karnataka etc. participated. These tournaments were conducted in 1948.

In 1982 at the time of Asian Games and Atya Patya Federation of India was formed. The game was revived with the First Atya Patya National held at Nagpur in 1982.